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Solenopsis invicta

  • Solenopsis invicta
  • Solenopsis invicta

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Name: Solenopsis invicta
Propagation: South America / Worldwide
Queen: 6-10mm
Workers: 3-6mm
Food: Insekten und Honigwasser
Air moisture: 50-70%
Temperature: 20-30°C
Hibernation: Nein
Nest-building: Erdnester
Formicariums: Becken, Farmbecken
Formicarium size: min. 30x20cm (muß der Koloniegröße angepaßt werden)
Particularities: This ant species originates from South America, although it is now found almost worldwide. They are commonly known as fire ants due to their painful sting. S. invicta can form gigantic colonies in a short space of time. They are highly aggressive and defensive. They adjust well to different environmental conditions and can even build a raft from living ants. This species is polymorphic, which means that in its colonies, worker ants come in different sizes. One of the most dangerous ant species in the world (see also: --We do not supply these ants and the description is for information purposes only!—