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Acromyrmex spec. -red-

  • Acromyrmex spec. -red-

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Name: Acromyrmex spec. -red-
Propagation: South America
Queen: 9-12mm
Workers: 4-10mm
Food: Fungus, which the ants grow on bramble, raspberry, oak, maple and rosebush leaves.
Air moisture: 80-90% in the fungus tank, remaining tanks to be kept in drier conditions
Temperature: 22-28°C
Hibernation: No
Nest-building: Soil nests
Formicariums: Tank, farm tank
Formicarium size: min. 30x20cm (should soon be switched to 3 tanks Food/Waste/Fungus)
Particularities: Fungus-growing leaf-cutter ant. The chewed leaves serve as the substrate for fungus growth. This is an obligatory symbiosis, as the fungus and ants are unable to survive without one another. This species is polygynous and the colouring of the workers is similar to that of Atta sexdens, that is, reddish brown. As a general rule, we do not provide a guarantee when shipping leaf-cutter ant colonies. The colony offered is our own display colony. It comes with a 30x20x20 waste tank with a lattice lid. The fungus tank measures 35 x 25 x 20 with the lid shut and is connected to an acrylic glass cylinder measuring 40 x 20cm. The package is delivered fully assembled can therefore not be shipped.