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Camponotus dalmaticus

  • Camponotus dalmaticus

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Name: Camponotus dalmaticus
Propagation: Europe
Queen: 9-11mm
Workers: 4-10mm
Food: Insects and honey water
Air moisture: 50-70%
Temperature: 20-30°C
Hibernation: Yes, from late October to late March at 5-8 ºC
Nest-building: Nests in decayed wood
Formicariums: Tank, farm tank
Formicarium size: min. 30x20cm (adjust to colony size)
Particularities: This Camponotus species is quite rare. It ranks among the smaller Camponotus species, its size similar to that of Camponotus lateralis or piceus. These colonies can get quite large, but the species is very peaceful and therefore well-suited for keeping in a shared tank. Major ants serve mainly for food storage. Camponotus dalmaticus has a very characteristic colouring and in some animals, only the front part of the thorax (the ‘pronotum’) is a reddish colour. They are relatively undemanding in terms of keeping. These animals are outstanding climbers and mostly nest in decayed wood.