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Myrmicaria arachnoides

  • Myrmicaria arachnoides

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Name: Myrmicaria arachnoides
Propagation: Asia
Queen: 8-10mm
Workers: 5 – 6 mm
Food: Insects and honey water
Air moisture: 60-80%
Temperature: 20-28°C
Hibernation: No
Nest-building: Paper nests
Formicariums: Tank, farm tank
Formicarium size: min. 30x20cm (adjust to colony size)
Particularities: This Myrmicaria species builds special paper nests from various materials. These nests aren’t located in the ground, but often on bushes or right against the glass wall of the tank. They require a great deal of air moisture to build their nests. The colonies often include several queens. Recruitment takes place very fast, and columns often form towards the food source. In addition, these have a powerful chemical defence mechanism and stick their abdomen up in the air when defending themselves. Their movements are otherwise quite quiet. Smaller colonies from this species are suited for keeping in a shared tank.