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Cephalotes cf. pusillus

  • Cephalotes cf. pusillus

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Name: Cephalotes cf. pusillus
Propagation: South America
Queen: 8-9mm
Workers: 2-7mm
Food: Insects and honey water
Air moisture: 50-70%
Temperature: 15-30°C
Hibernation: No
Nest-building: Like to nest in wood and hollow branches
Formicariums: Tank, farm tank
Formicarium size: min. 30x20cm (adjust to colony size)
Particularities: Cephalotes are well-armoured tree dwellers. Their natural habitats are the forests of Central and South America. This species is characterised by it strongly flattened shape and idiosyncratic behaviour. These ants can close their nest entrances with their heads and are almost impossible for other ants to attack as they can duck down in tortoise-like fashion and fold away their antennae in special head-furrows. Their excellent vision allows them to react extremely quickly to any movement around them. Very well suited for keeping in a shared tank.