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Cataglyphis cf. viaticus

  • Cataglyphis cf. viaticus

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Name: Cataglyphis cf. viaticus
Propagation: North Africa / Orient
Queen: 13-15mm
Workers: 5-15mm
Food: Insects and honey water
Air moisture: 30-50%
Temperature: 20-35°C
Hibernation: No
Nest-building: Soil nests, often under stones and in sand
Formicariums: Tank, farm tank
Formicarium size: min. 30x20cm (adjust to colony size)
Particularities: These ants are bright red in colour. When exposed to sunlight, even their usually dark abdomen takes on a red sheen. In queens, the abdomen is predominantly reddish in colour, so that they are in fact red all-over. A highly dominant species, however very tolerant to own- species ants from other nests. The latter are tolerated in their surroundings, although not in the immediate vicinity of the nest. Larger colonies from this species live relatively close to one another, in sandy plains of North Africa coastal areas. This is presumably made possible by the fact that the Mediterranean fauna and flora provide plenty of insect prey and accessible sources of carbohydrates. As is the case with other Cataglyphis species from the bicolour-group, this ant samples nectar form the blossoms of the different plants it climbs on. Just like their relatives, the worker ants from this species are highly flexible and adaptable. Always inquisitive, they keep on tapping into new food sources, which allows for some interesting experimenting. This flexibility may reflect an adaptation to habitats where food can run scarce. The workers spend times of droughts and hot summer months on the constant lookout for food supplies for their colony, and will then make use of resources they otherwise spurn or that are hard to reach.