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We see ants as living creatures rather than bulk merchandise, which is why we devote a lot of time to the care and selection of our ants and ant farms. Obviously, we take the health of our animals seriously, whether queen or colony, which is why all of the ant species we keep and supply are subjected to a quarantine period of a minimum of 8 weeks, guaranteed free of parasites and fertilised.

Plants for terrariums ants
All of the plants we supply are guaranteed poison-free and ready to be planted into readily inhabited terrariums. All you need to do is give them a quick wash upon delivery to remove any remaining dust or packaging particles. These plants may carry animals such as spiders, beetles or other insects!

Live food

Even food animals are animals, which is why we always ship them with a free heat pack during winter months. Live food (even when dead on delivery) can however not be exchanged.

Purchasing colonies

We are nearly always on the lookout for large, beautiful colonies. If for any reason you are thinking about parting with yours, please let us know via email, including all the relevant details.